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Protect pole building posts from decay and future replacement or repair which is time consuming and costly – request a quote for Green PostTM pole building posts. Submit your quote request today for pole building posts to protect your pole building investment against decayed posts.
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Qty 4"x4" Treated (Booted One End)
Qty 4"x4" Treated (Booted Both Ends)
Qty 6"x6" Treated (Booted One End)
Qty 6"x6" Treated (Booted Both Ends)
Qty 4"x6" Treated
Qty 3-ply 2"x6" Glulam Non-Treated
Qty 4-ply 2"x6" Glulam Non-Treated
Qty 3-ply 2"x8" Glulam Non-Treated
Qty 4-ply 2"x8" Glulam Non-Treated
  • 4"x4" and 6"x6" posts - #2 southern yellow pine.
  • Glulam material - southern yellow pine glulam columns.
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