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Rotten Posts - Prevent with the Green PostTM
The Green PostTM System distributed by Advanced Post Solutions includes a Green PostTM wrap, uplift restraint notch (Green PostTM Patent Pending) and structural lumber post.

The advanced technology of Green PostTM provides lumber posts with superior protection to prevent rotten posts. The vulnerable area of the post is shrink-wrapped with a heavy-duty polyethylene wrap coated on the inside with bitumen. The heat-shrinking process liquifies the bitumen and drives it into the wood. This provides a secondary moisture-resistant layer. The polyethylene outer layer provides the tough physical barrier.

While the Green PostTM wrap significantly increases the service life of posts, the uplift restraint notch provides superior resistance to wind uplift. Green PostTM is also lighter and easier to install without any special anchors.

These and other advantages to prevent rotten posts make Green PostTM the smart choice when considering in-ground post applications.

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