Advanced Post Solutions, LLC evolved from a Pennsylvania based provider of wood industry products and services to contractors and retail consumers. With a focus on bringing innovative value-added products to the marketplace, Advanced Post Solutions, LLC emerged as a supplier of innovative products like the Green PostTM, uniquely designed with an uplift restraint notch and polyethylene boot to protect in-ground pole building posts from rot and decay. Green PostTM is a patented invention. Scientific testing proves that the Green PostTM product will eliminate ground contact decay and significantly increase the service life of in-ground wood.

Here's how it works. The product is composed of two layers - an inner layer composed of melted bitumen which adheres to the wood posts, and an outer layer composed of tough UV stabilized polyethylene wrap which is heat shrunk to the bitumen under-layer. The product covers the ground contact area to protect wood post applications such wood fence post, pole building post, agricultural post, deck post, light pole, mailbox posts and pavilion posts because it actually separates the wood from the elements that cause ground contact decay.The Green PostTM is the ideal value-added complement for products provided by commercial contractors and the pole-building industry.

Advanced Post Solutions also provides a line of Post Guard products to protect the tops of posts and the area of the post most vulnerable to decay for wood fence posts, agricultural post, deck post, light poles, mailbox posts and pavilion posts; all of which are a value-added complement for products provided by fencing contractors, residential contractors and commercial contractors. If you're interested in purchasing Advanced Post Solution's products or have general questions about incorporating these products into your business plan, please use the Contact Us page on this website.

Green Post Details
Scienetific testing proves that Green PostTM products will eliminate ground contact and significantly increase the service life of in-ground wood for pole building applications

Protect the Tops of Posts and Vunerable Decay Area
Fences - Decks -Signs Mailboxes -Pavilions - Agricultural - Light Poles

Green PostTM products are environmentally friendly. Not only does the system function as a barrier to prevent decay, it also functions as a barrier to keep any preservatives in.

Advanced Post Solutions, LLC Expands Availability

From its application facility in East Earl, Pa., Advanced Post Solutions is continuing to expand its market in the United States for this unique technology. Whether 'Full Service' completed Green Post'sTM with post, notches and Post Guard Wrap or 'ASO' Application Service Only where your poles are sent to us to manufacture a Green PostTM, we pledge to meet your needs. For a complete list of where to purchase Green PostTM visit the where to purchase page on this website.